Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: 2012

This week's Top Ten is a Freebie! So since I missed out on the first Tuesday of the year because I was on an airplane, here are my

Top Ten Books I Am Excited to Read in 2012!

1. Insurgent - I read Divergent in a day last summer and I can't wait to learn more about the other factions, what lies beyond that fence and how Tris will handle all the happened at the end of Divergent! And of course, some more Four won't hurt :) Hurry up May 1st, 2012!

2.  Pandemonium - I read the first few chapters in a "sneak peek" and now I am dying to read the rest. Every time someone mentions reading an ARC copy of it, I have to fight off my green-eyed jealous book demon that wants me to steal it... at least February 28th isn't too far away...

3. Unwholly - I loved Unwind oh so much, it gave me chills in all the right ways. I had no idea a sequel was in the way and I definitely did a  little dance when I found out. I have no idea what to expect because I can't find anything about it other than the title, but the title is awesome enough! Sadly, September is sooo far away!

4. The Mark of Athena - Ugh, another September wait. I don't know who is more excited about this, me or the kids in my class! We all love Percy! (and Leo is my new favorite character!)

5. Out of Sight, Out of Time - The last in the Gallagher Girl series is sure to answer all my lingering questions. This has been a fantastic series for girls. Action, intrigue, friendship, romance and all on the PG level! I love handing these out to girls at my school, I am sure by March 13th I will have a slew of them lined up to borrow it!

6. Clockwork Princess - By far the longest on my waiting list, not out till November, I am plagued by so many questions! Who/what is Tessa? What will happen to the institute?  What's with Magnus? Will or Jem? So long to wait but plenty of time to reread!

7. Bitterblue - I am very excited to see how this book ties Graceling and Fire together. Cashore has created some inspiring, courageous women and an exciting world! I can't wait to return there on May 1st!

8. Froi of the Exiles - Melina Marchetta has a gift of creating characters that are completely human, even in an epic fantasy world. They make mistakes, act selfishly and fall down. They also change and grow and draw you to them tightly. Already out in Australia (I wish Japan was closer!) but I'll be waiting for mine in March.

9. Grave Mercy - I have never read anything by this author but I am a sucker for kick-butt heroines! I mean an assassin hand-maiden to death? This could go either way so I am keeping my fingers crossed till April. 

10. Throne of Glass - What was it I said about being a sucker for kick-butt girls? Well, if Grave Mercy lets me down, hopefully Throne won't. It sounds like a mix of Poison Study and Graceling, which would be fantastic :)

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