Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Faves of TwentyEleven: The Characters

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Day Two: The Characters

1. Favorite Female MC - Mary "Jacky" Faber from the Bloody Jack Novels. Fearless, all I can say.

2. Favorite Male MC - Finnikin from Finnikin of the Rock

3. Best Couple <3 - Tris and Four from Divergent- It's nice to actually see a couple fall in love, no insta-love here...

4. Who I So Want To Be Best Friends With - Janco and Ari from Poison Study. I would never be able to best them in a fight because I would always be laughing too hard!

5. Who I Fell Completely in Love With- Cassel from White Cat. Ok, so I know touch would be a problem in our relationship but for Cassel, I'd make it work...

6. Worst (Best & Baddest) Villian - Steel Inquisitors from the Mistborn trilogy. They have steel spikes through their eyes, 'nough said.

7. Best Character Twist - Teresa from Maze Runner trilogy. Oh Teresa, I wanted to love you just because of Maze Runner, then I felt I was supposed to hate you in The Scorch Trials and then I just felt indifferent to you in The Death Cure. Sniff, I wanted you to be so much more.

8. Best Kick-ARSE Female - Vin from the Mistborn trilogy. Now here is a female who doesn't hold back! Vin is as comfortable dancing in a ball gown and heels as she is kicking inquisitor butt in her mistborn cloak.

9. Best Kick-ARSE Male- Minho from the Maze Runner trilogy. Now Minho never let me down. He took charge and kicked butt through the maze.

10. Broke Your Heart The Most- Thomas Mackee of The Piper's Son. So many of Marchetta's characters broke my heart but none as relentlessly as Tom. Sadly, I would let him continue to break it if I could just read more of him.
11. Favorite Pet/Animal Character Award - Manchee from The Knife of Never Letting Go. "Todd, I have to poo Todd!" I am so glad my pets can't talk but Manchee I love you so!

12. Best YA Parents Award - I am going to have to go with Josephine's mother and her father, once he joins their life, in Looking For Alibrandi. I had to go with a Marchetta family because even though they may not be ideal or perfect, they are real. The way she interacts with her mother, fights and all connected with me. I loved how her relationship with her father was so uncertain but they were open and honest with each other, a great start!

13. Favorite Sibling Relationship - Gabi and Lia from Waterfall because I always wanted a sister, especially one that can kick some butt!

14. Favorite Best Friends/Friendship Award- The girls of Saving Francesca because real friends accept who you are even when you don't know who you are yet yourself.

15. Best/Worst Character Names- Best- Lena "Magdalena" Holoway and Cassel  
Worst: Isaboe and Nailer

Bonus: Best Love Triangle - I find myself annoyed by the majority of love triangles lately, they can feel so forced and unnecessary. So instead, I'll go with most believable, even though it broke my heart. Jem, Will and Tessa in Clockwork Prince. Tessa is a strong, well-developed heroine and I can see why both Jem and Will would love her and why she would love them each in return. I still don't have to like it though...

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