Monday, January 9, 2012

Faves of TwentyEleven: The Random

Hosted by Nomes at inkcrush

Day Four: The Random

1. Fave First Sentence ~oops, I did this in the last one post... It was from Hollowland "This is how the world ends- not with a bang or a whimper but with zombies breaking down the back door."

2. Fave Book Title ~ It's gotta be "Princess Prettypants" by Meg Cabot in the anthology Zombies vs. Unicorns. That title alone had me rolling on the floor before I even started the story... 

3. Fave Reading Experience ~ Divergent ~ the last book I read this summer, curled up on my blanket on the beach before it was back to work, is there a way I can make that my job??

4. Book With The Best Food ~ Tantalize ~except for those chilled baby squirrels for dessert, I'd definitely be eating from the "Prey" menu...

5. Book With The Most Sensual Weather ~ Iron King ~ brrrr, this book makes me glad I live on a tropical island!

6. Most Embarrassing Book Cover ~ Living Dead in Dallas... um, she's flying on a coffin, check the link to see...

7. Can’t Believe I Waited This Long To Read It ~ Ender's Shadow ~ I loved Ender's Game and everyone said I just had to read this companion but I thought, how could it possibly compare? Well, it does and then some, I think I actually liked Shadow more than Game...

8. Book I'd Give My Mum To Read ~ Waterfall ~ Romance- check, exotic location- check, attractive Italian man- triple check. In short, everything my mom would love and more.

9. Book I'd Give My Brother To Read ~ Mistborn ~ good vs. evil- check, kick-butt magics- check, totally amazing magical species- triple check. In short, everything my brother would love and more.

10. Book I'd Like To Give My Past-Self To Read ~ White Cat ~ sarcastic male mc- check, stubborn and independent female- check, magical mafia hitmen- triple check. In short, everything 15 year old me and current me love and more :)

11. Book That Lived Up To The Hype ~ Clockwork Angel ~ Don't hate me, I heard amazing things about the Mortal Instruments trilogy but I only felt "eh" by the end. So I went in a little cautious for Infernal Devices but I think Clockwork Angel definitely lived up to and maybe even surpassed the hype! BTW, Clockwork Prince, even better. Cassandra Clare's dialogue gets better and better.

12. Book I Stayed Up The Latest To Finish ~ Heroe's Til Curfew ~ Speaking of curfew, I stayed up way past my normal bedtime (which will remain secret) to finish this. That gravity changing fight would be awesome in a movie, Dylan and Joss's romance is steamy, and the super powers kick some major bum! I can't wait for the third!

13. Book I Was *Dying* To Get My Hands ~ Hollowmen ~ After Hollowland, I needed to get my hands on this ASAP, I mean you can't mess around with zombies, but the publishing date kept changing!

14. Fattest Brick Of A Book I Read ~ The Well of Ascension ~ 796 pages, building up steam to try his new series, The Way of Kings, which clocks in around 1,000 pages.

15. Killer Cliffhanger Award ~ Maze Runner ~ This book was just one big cliffhanger, I could never find a place to stop! But the ending, wow. Just when I thought I could rest, the "end" turned into one last huge cliff! Had to buy Scorch Trials pretty much instantly...

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