Friday, August 10, 2012

NPR and other Random Thoughts

NPR Top 100 YA

So has NPR released their top 100 YA Book list. Harry Potter is number one, which really isn't that surprising and puts a smile on my, unfortunately, muggle face. Hunger Games follows close behind with To Kill a Mockingbird rounding off the top three with a classic.

Definitely some eye brow raising moments for me (House of Night, Hush, Hush and Fallen series, really?). Plus I've learned that I really must start on the pile of John Green books that have been accumulating on my book shelf! It was great to see some classics in the list (although I remember disliking every minute of A Separate Peace in HS, maybe I should revisit) along with some newer series (like Delirium and Divergent but I'll wait till the trilogies end to decide how much I love them).

A good number of my votes made it on the list (check out my post on votes last month) and I have a whole bunch of new books to add to my list or maybe give a second chance to. But WHERE is Melina Marchetta?? I mean, yay that Stephanie Perkins realistic fiction Anna and the French Kiss made it but over Saving Francesca, The Piper's Son, Jellicoe Road and Looking for Alibrandi? This just proves that more people must be told of the complete and utter awesomeness that is Melina Marchetta.

What about you? Any eye-brow raising moments of your own or books that should have been on the list that didn't make it?

Cover Love

Oh my gosh, just went to a random bookstore yesterday and bought This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel. I've seen the book around and thought it sounded good but when I saw this cover up above, I just had to have it. I don't know if it's the raised, pointy silver script or the mix of dark and light colors with the fuzzing around the corners but my heart just had to have it! You have to admit, it is much better than the hard cover on the right.

And finally two things I am super excited about! Only 18 more days until UnWholly comes out!! Plenty of time for an Unwind reread and to check out the new short story UnStrung! If you haven't read Unwind, you definitely should. A mind-blowing dystopia read that has one of my all time favorite chapters in a book!

And there will be a prequel to the Maze Runner series! I absolutely, hands-down, loved the first book in the series. Maze Runner was a thrilling read I could not put down until the end. I enjoyed Scorch Trials but I felt let down by Death Cure. So, I am hopeful that The Kill Order (out in only 4 more days!) is more Maze Runner than Death cure. I'll let you know when we get there :)

Ok, back to work on my July mini-reviews, which are sadly but not unexpectedly behind schedule...

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