Thursday, July 26, 2012

Best Ever Teen Novels?

NPR is holding a Best Ever Teen Novel survey. Out of a list of 235 books, only 100 will make the final cut of best ever novels. Have you voted yet? If not, go and do it now!

So not to sway your votes but here's how I voted! First of all, I only voted on books that, obviously, I had read. When it came to book series, I did not vote on any series that have yet to be completed, no matter how much I love them so far (I'm sorry Divergent and Delirium!) or series that I have yet to complete reading (so so sorry Chaos Walking, I promise to read Monsters of Men ASAP!!).  Without any more babbling, here we go...

My Votes:

Harry Potter - One of my all time favorite series! Pretty sure I reread these once a year! Honestly, if you haven't read these, you need to. I can think of no good reason not to! Thank you J. K. Rowling!

Abhorsen Trilogy - Ok yes, there will be a fourth book in this series (secretly squealing inside, yay Garth Nix!) but on the voting list, it is listed as a TRILOGY, so it doesn't break my rules! Anyways, this is one of the most inventive fantasy series I have read. Love it!

Airborn - Just read this book and loved it! Flying ships, air pirates, mysterious flying creatures and a shipwreck. So much fun and so much imagination from Kenneth Oppel!

Crown Duel - Kick butt heroine who is SMART and capable. Truly delightful fantasy with two main characters who break the mold! I can't wait to read more by Sherwood Smith

Song of the Lioness - Speaking of kick-butt, inspiring heroines! Tamora Pierce knows how to write them and Alanna was the first and closest to my heart. This was my favorite escape in high school and I still go back to visit often!

Enchanted Forest - Hmmm, I am noticing a trend in my last few choices. They all have strong, female main characters who defy genres! Patricia Wrede has written a thrilling and hilarious new bend on the princess fairy tales.

Hunger Games - Like, Harry, I am sure this will get a ton of votes but for a very good reason. Suzanne Collins has created a chilling dystopian world that is most frightening when it hits close to reality. Yes, I love Katniss and Peeta but the side characters are just as deep and intriguing!

On The Jellicoe Road - This is my favorite read of the year. Melina Marchetta is fast becoming my favorite author. I have devoured everything she has written and this is tops for me. The way the story unfolds with seemingly unrelated events that weave together to reveal and amazing history.

Graffiti Moon - This book has taught me two things.   1- I spell graffiti wrong 4 times out of 5.   2. I can actually like realistic fiction books! I love Lucy, Ed and Poet's shifting narration and even more all the art that is spread throughout this story. Absolutely beautiful!

Unwind - Another almost rule breaker because Unwholly is coming out soon! But this was listed as only Unwind, not the series. Anyway, wow, another chilling dystopia. Neal Shusterman uses shifting narration to create a world based on a terrifying premise. This book also includes one of my all time favorite chapters ever! Can't tell you though, spoilers ;)

Anyway, there are my final choices. A lot of tough decisions and a lot of series I wish would have shown up on the list (they must have already been cut) but I am looking forward to seeing the final list! So what are you waiting for?? Go vote now!

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