Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top Ten Tuesdays: Make it a Movie

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This week is...           Top Ten Books I Think Should Be Movies!

1. Divergent 
I just reread this book to get ready for Insurgent and I would love to see this in the theater. It's got action, a great climax and amazing characters, I'm already casting Four in my head...

2. Mistborn
Seeing the Steel Inquisitors would probably scare the pants off of me but it would be worth it. Also, there would be some fantastic special affects for the magical elements!

3. Graceling
Because I love martial arts, I love seeing girls kick butt and I loved this book.

4. Unwind
This book is great for discussion and turning into a movie would only increase its impact. I love reading books in class and then comparing it to the movie, this would be great to do in class!

5. Graffiti Moon
One of the best books I have read this year. I would love to follow Ed and Lucy around for a night. The dialogue is already snarky and absorbing, plus you could insert all the fabulous glassblowing and graffiti! Better this kind of romance than another Nicolas Sparks (imo).

I just read this and I was alternately blown away and disgusted, which I am pretty sure exactly what it was going for. A lot of this book takes places in the nano, where tiny tiny things are huge. How incredible would that be on the big screen, seeing a giant flea, your eyeball or what the inside of your brain looks like...hmmm, on second thought, maybe I don't want to see all that...

7. Skulduggery Pleasant
How fun would this movie be in CG or some type of animation. A smart talking skeleton and his 12 yr old sidekick would be fantastic for kids and their parents. I wouldn't even feel the need to borrow a kid to go see this movie.

8. Hollowland
I know we are getting a Zombie love story later this year in Warm Bodies (truth to tell, I can't wait for it) so let's even it out with some Zombie killing. Mainly, I want to see the Zombie killing lion, I have tried training my cat but I think he will just end up slowing down a Zombie as a snack...

9. Heist Society
Hey, it works for Leverage. Let's see if some teenaged thieves can pull it off. The dynamics between the characters is fun and the heist itself is pretty ingenious. I see it more like Ocean's 11 than 12 or 13...

10. Ender's Game
Ok, so this is a cheat because they are already making this but I am SOOOOO excited for this movie, I want to let everyone know. IMDB it, now!

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